About Dr. Glaze

Amanda Glaze specializes in science teacher education, evolution education research and outreach, and professional development, alternating her time between the classroom and the field as an Assistant Professor of Middle Grades & Secondary Science Education at Georgia Southern University. Her research centers on the intersections of science and society, specifically the acceptance and rejection of evolution in the Southeastern United States and the impact of the conflict between religion and evolution on science literacy. Her work has been featured on NPR's video/radio series Science Friday as well as on social media outlets such as the NCSE Science Education Blog, ErrantScience.com, and RealScientists.org. She served as a past curator for RealScientists.org and @RealScientists on Twitter, @IAmSciComm, @BioTweeps, and as an expert panelist for Science Friday's education focus #TeachTheE. Her research has been referenced in mainstream media outlets such as Scientific American and Newsweek and can be found in Science Education, The American Biology Teacher, Education Sciences, the International Journal of Mathematics & Science Education, and others. Open research can be accessed via SelectWorks online.

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